World Languages

World Languages Department


Mission Statement

The Mission of the World Language Department is to teach and assist students in developing proficiency in another language in order for them to become successful in a multi-cultural world. During this process, we introduce students to the cultures, history, literature, and politics of the countries where the language is or was spoken. We incorporate ACTFL’s (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Guidelines of Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities. We want students to compare and contrast their own culture with other cultures so that they may have a better understanding of the world.

Courses and Faculty

We offer five languages French, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish from levels 1 (which can begin as early as 7th grade) through AP. All the languages have numerous extended learning activities ranging from honor societies and clubs to exchange programs, travel, and national competitions.

Students learn to speak, read, write and understand the language they choose via a combination of auditory, kinesthetic, and visual activities in order to mimic the natural language learning process. Students are engaged in individual and group work daily, which may include writing and acting out short stories, dialogues, songs, and plays. To enhance comprehension, they listen to music, newscasts, and stories as well as watch videos, presentations and other authentic programs. They read articles, short stories, and novels in order to advance them to a higher level of proficiency.

Those students who continue to the upper levels of MLK’s world language courses are prepared to pass the entrance and placement exams in the language at the college or university level. They can then use those advanced skills in a profession, such as business, engineering, scientific research, medicine, education, and others.

Our faculty members are very involved with their respective professional organizations and strive to foster positive relationships with their students.